How to Decide A Best Clinic Before Going For A Hair Transplant ?

This is a very common question among many young adult males before going for their baldness treatment . The following questions should be cleared before choosing the right hair transplant clinic. 1 – The doctor you choose should be a plastic surgeon and have experience of performing innumerable hair transplant surgeries with good results. You should understand that medical council of India only authorizes plastic surgeons to do the hair transplant. rest all claiming to be hair transplant doctors are just taking your advantage of being ignorant.2 -  Before choosing your clinic , one should stress on choosing the right doctor rather  than the clinic , because ultimately who does the surgery matters, rather than the lucrative discounts offered by the clinics.3 – Hair transplant surgery in itself is a science , it is not just plucking the hairs from the donor area from the back of the scalp and sowing it on the recipient area. It depends upon the multiple factors , how to harvest the hair…

What is the best treatment for hair?

To be most effective solution for bald scalp or hair treatment, one should go to hair transplant surgeon if you want full of hair scalp and good young posture. You often heard there is two solutions one is hair treatment by medication and another one is hair transplant. If one wants solution form medication you should go to physician that have specialty in hair treatment. If you want immediate solution in few weeks, you are recommended to go hair transplant clinic where you will find most probably experienced hair transplant surgeon.If you looking Hair Transplant Clinic Hair transplant is a surgical process that must committed by hair transplant surgeon. During the hair transplant procedure, your surgeon removes your hair follicles from bald site of the hair, generally back of scalp or where they find healthy hair. That is technically known as a donor site. Then the hair follicles are prepared throughout a microscope to place on the balding area known as a recipient site. Hair transpl…

Liposuction Surgery - Always dreaming of getting sleek arms like any professional model?

Feel depressed to get into a swimwear because of those ballooned up upper limbs?Life runs a crazy speed these days. The pressure to look perfect has grabbed everyone, whether you are a banker, a teacher or a professional. Many live in the guilt of doing zero exercise everyday but still want to attain shortest path to looking their best. No wonder, liposuction has become the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the world.At Kalosa Cosmetic Clinic, we turn your dreams into reality. We have the best cosmetic surgeon, Dr Ashish Khare, to give shape to your bulky arms through liposuction to give you a new lease of life and confidence. It involves removal of stubborn fat of the body through surgery and improves body contours. Most of the patients are females between the age group of 25 – 65 years of age. The most common complaints are, doc we are not able to wear cut sleeves top and party dresses and these bulky arms look really awkward , these patients  are tired of doing all sorts …

Liposuction Surgery - An Introduction

Liposuction surgery usually used to improve appearance of body, rather than providing any physical health benefits in that specific body part or may not be in whole body. While no one can deny that most people would probably achieve the same body appearance or better results by adopting a healthful lifestyle by adopting a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy sleep schedule etc.
Liposuction is normally advised only if lifestyle changes have not achieved the desired contouring body. It can treat areas by removing fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. When an individual male or female gains weight, each fat cell increases in size and volume. Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in that particular isolated areas. People should discuss the pros and cons of liposuction with their doctor (may be to liposuction surgeon before deciding on prior going to clinic for liposuction surgery.How much days will take to get normal work schedule due to Liposuction surgery?Liposucti…

You are suffering with Gynecomastia but don’t know what to do?

Many young males visit in our clinic with complaints of enlarged male boobs or Gynecomastia problem. It is more apparent during summer months as people wear tight fitted T – shirts. Gynecomastia causes a lot of mental agony among young generation as well as adults and they don’t how to get rid of this problem. One try to do all sort of exercises pushups, cardio, but this stubborn fat never goes .we end up eating some medical pills usually provided by the gym instructor, but things never work, usually some of them go under depression. Gynecomastia is the most common surgical problem in cosmetic surgery practice. The treatment is only surgery and only surgery, there is no medical treatment for gyecomastia. There are various grades of gynecomastia depending upon the amount of fat collection or the skin excess. The treatment is only one i.e Liposuction, where we suck the fat along with the Vaser (ultrasound energy) followed by gland excision through a small periareolar approach. We at Kal…

Looking for a Hair Transplant. Do not know, where to go, who is the right Doctor?? - Dr Ashish khare

I am looking for a hair transplant.
I am losing my hairs. I am just 26 years long way to go, where to go for a stable hair transplant. Who is the right person / doctor? Who can help me, guide me properly. I want my youth back, those hairs back. I felt depressed some time. I need a good Density. I do not want a scalp show. So many clinics, how to decide???????? These are some of the questions, which come to many patients mind, before going for a hair transplant as well as the budget. Hair transplant is a Science, it’s not that simple as it seems. It not just plucking the hairs along with the root from the donor area and sowing it .on the bald patch. The result depends upon multiple factors and it require a proper consultation with the doctor, so to make one understand the procedure and the post op precautions that need to be followed. Initially consultation with a doctor is very much important, so the patient is comfortable that he is in safe hands and will get good results. The method of trans…